Below is a sample Kitten Adoption Contract.  Let me know once you have selected a kitten. An adoption contract will be emailed to you to be completed with your information.  Once a deposit is placed, the kitten is held for you until time of pick-up.  Balance is due upon pick -up of the kitten.  Visits can be arranged anytime.

JumpnSpots Ocicats



This agreement concerns a (description of kitten here) Ocicat born (DOB here)


Price: See range noted to the right column

Deposit:  Is non-refundable

Balance: Is due two weesk before shipping or upon pick-up


Conditions of this Agreement


  1. This kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health upon arrival.  * See health guaranetee below.
  2. The kitten will be vaccinated against viral rhinotrachetis, calici virus and panleukopenia at 8 weeks of age.  If the kitten is still with the breeder at 12 weeks of age, a second vaccine will be given.  One additional vaccine is recommended at the owners expense at 16 weeks of age. Annual vaccines are recommended 12 months after last kitten shot.
  3. This cat/ kitten is purchased as a pet. Breeding rights are not included. Spay / neuter will be done the Purchasers expense by 7 months of age.
  4. This kitten is not to be declawed, as declawing is an inhumane act.
  5. Adequate indoor sanitary facilities must be provided, and this kitten will not be allowed to roam outdoors.
  6. The purchaser agrees that this kitten will always receive prompt medical care.
  7. Under no circumstance is this kitten to be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility.


The kitten must be kept in quarantine, away from other animals, until examined by the purchaser’s veterinarian.  The kitten must be vet checked at the expense of the new owner within 3 business days from date the kitten arrives in his/her new home.  If the kitten is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening problem, it must be reported to the seller immediately by phone and by email.  Upon the kittens return, it will be replaced with a kitten of equal value after the seller’s veterinarian certifies the health deficiency.  Replacement of a kitten, refers to the original cat being returned and does not include any transportation, shipping, veterinarian fees, or reimbursement of any other fees. Veterinary costs are never refundable at any time. Due to environmental factors out of the seller’s control no kittens will be replaced after 5 business days for medical or behavioral issues.


Purchaser has read the “What to Expect When Bringing Home Your Kitten” document and understands that there is a natural transition period for the animal to become familiar with its new environment. Buyer agrees to provide this cat with proper nutrition, a safe indoor-only environment, veterinary care when necessary, possibilities of exercise and play with daily human company and not to declaw.


*Health Guarantee

  • The Seller guarantees that this kitten/cat is apparently free of any inherited or genetic conditions at the time of pickup/shipping.
  • If you are purchasing a male kitten, and at the time of neuter, a testicle is found to be un-descended, Purchaser agrees to accept the remedy of $75.00 towards the cost of the neuter, which may cost slightly more than a routine neuter. As proof of un-descended testicle, Purchaser will submit contact information for, and a letter from their veterinarian.
  • The Purchaser is advised to isolate the kitten from all other pets and have the kitten examined by a certified Veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving the kitten.
  • The Seller guarantees that the Seller's cattery is FeLV negative. The Purchaser may have the cat/kitten tested within the first three business days of purchase for verification at the Purchaser’s expense.
  • Additional vaccinations, deworming / treatment for parasitic infections common in cats, may be required, these items are considered routine veterinary care, and will be done at the Purchaser’s expense.
  • The Seller must be notified in writing within the first 72 hours if there are any inherited or genetic issues found. If inherited or genetic issues are found the kitten may be returned for a full refund or replaced with another kitten. We do not pay Veterinarian fees of any kind. 
    • Failure to have the kitten inspected by a veterinarian with in 3 business days of pick up will void this health guarantee.
  • The Purchaser is responsible for all veterinary bills that accrue from date and time and place of receiving the kitten.
  • The Purchaser grants the Seller full access to the kitten's health records and the right to the consult with the Purchaser's veterinarian if a health issue is reported.


The Cattery liability is limited to a replacement kitten or refund in full, and does not include any transportation, shipping or veterinarian fees, or reimbursement of any other fees.  This contract is legally binding to all parties involved.  The Purchaser agrees to pay all court and legal fees and costs if this contract is litigated.  It applies to the buyer and seller in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties. 

 The Purchaser agrees to pay all court and legal fees and costs if this contract is litigated.  It applies to the buyer and seller in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties. 

Seller:  Stacey - address is to be input here   JumpnSpots@Gmail.com

Signature / Date:  Stacey  / Date of kitten reservation/purchase 


Signature / Date: 




Currently our kittens are between $1995 and $2595.  

Kittens are priced based upon the closeness of the Ocicat Standard they exhibit.  The kittens color, spots, pattern, head shape, and other Ocicat standards are considered when pricing each kitten. 

Go to CFA.org for specifics on the standard for Ocicat breed.