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Here are pictures from JumpnSpots' extended Families
Below are pictures sent back to me from those who have adopted JumpnSpots Kittens!
Hi Stacey,
We are in LOVE with the kitties!!! They are the sweetest cats I've ever had in my life!!!  They now roam the whole house, love to sleep in the bed atop their scratching posts, are very confident, and super affectionate and great with the girls.  They sleep by my head every night and follow me around the house :).  The vet said they were in perfect health, beautiful, with exceptional personalities.  We couldn't be more happy with them!! I'll send pictures soon...
Thank you, thank you!
This is Zuzu, a lavender spotted Ocicat, who was adopted late in 2010.  Her owners Jenn and Travis love her very much.  Thank you jenn and Travis for sending the great picture!
Above is Champion Athena Black Magic with her younger brother Lotus.  These two have the same mother, "Lilly Rose" but different fathers. What a beautiful pair! 

I love Leo very very much. He is the best kitty in the world! I call him " my little golden kitten":)) In Russian, can you imagine? Leo has such a strong body and he is sooo big that it is such a pleasure to play with him and to hold him.  He is very smart and has such a funny serious face.Ah ah i can talk about him by hoursJ

Thank you very much for such a lovely, sweety kitty as my Leozinka

Julia  (picture below)

Thanks for our new baby Rain....
She's totally adorable.   About half the time, she's the hunter-stalker... skulking around the furniture, claiming the high ground, pouncing on her toys and Vael.   The other half, she's cute and cuddly and demands attention.  She's already clearing 5+ foot vertical jumps....
Austin from Austin Texas